Before I say anything else I just want to address that this workout is to be done AT YOUR OWN RISK and I do not take responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may be caused to you from poor form.

Okay, so now that I have that out of the way, thank you for watching/participating! (if you did :P)

I hope you all had a great laugh at my facial expressions during this one! Hey, what can I say, this is 100% real!

This is what I did as a warm up but whether this is your warm up or whole workout you’ll definitely want to be pushing yourself to the max! Try not to cheat, because the only person you’re cheating is yourself! You are in control of your life, so give it all you’ve got!

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Have a fantastic day!

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    3 replies to "10 Minute Kettle Bell Workout"

    • Shantel Sellars

      May i ask what song were u working out too..i would like to add it to my workout songs

    • Anne Brischetto

      12kg wow you are getting pretty strong my sister you are looking great to Sarah I've  been doing daily workouts 2 times a day morning and afternoon

    • Jess ONeill

      Wow you're so strong! 💪
      I was just wondering two things; how heavy was your kettle bell? And do you have any tips for keeping good form!
      Loved the video bdw 💕

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