This 15 minute mat Pilates ab workout is designed to give you a flat tummy and tone all the muscles in your core.

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Traditional mat pilates with a twist, these exercises work the six-pack, the lower abs, and the obliques for a toned waistline and a flat tummy.

Expect lots of side bending and twisting to work those obliques.

We will also practice some balance and stability exercises to activate those deep core muscles that pull the abdominals in and give us a flat tummy.

You can do this beginner pilates workout at home or in a gym.

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    16 replies to "15 Minute Mat Pilates Abs Workout for a Flat Tummy 💖"

    • Bailey Brown

      I hope you loved this workout! If you want NEW full length workouts check out my online studio 💕

    • Gaby Perez

      I love this workout! Thank you for sharing💪🏻


      I´d like to see a chest lifting and building workout routine 🙂

    • Lauriane Bolmont

      This is by far the best ab workout I have done in 5 years of watching workout videos on YouTube!

    • anikanet

      all i can think of is how she is burning there in the sun….

    • Charlotte Mills

      Are You Vegan?

    • Unity Yoga: A Study of Energy

      love it!! my core feels it!!

    • Diana R.

      Loved this workout. Really felt my abs engage and you did a great job of explaining it.

    • Asmodai S

      Loved this! 😍 I'm just starting to get back to working out after a long period. This was challenging but super enjoyable. I really liked your explanations throughout the video too!

    • B.E. Black & Excellent

      such a good burn!

    • lilac

      i love that this didn't involve a single plank!

    • vividtraining

      This was really hard! I loved it thank you!

    • Lauren Lowery

      If i do this everyday for 2 weeks to a month am i guaranteed for a flat stomach?? Im desperate its all i want

    • fefanomas

      Im never going to be skinny but i try to do this exercises

    • ganzlove

      one of the best workouts I’ve done! I really felt my abs engaged!

    • Cs Scott

      3:18 what do call this pose?

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