20 Minute Full Body Kettlebell Workout – No Repeat, Strength training – Build Muscle Burn Fat

Follow along for a KILLER 20 minute FULL BODY kettlebell workout that is great for overall strength and conditioning. All you need for this workout is a single kettlebell (moderate weight) and a soft surface/yoga mat. Overall, if you’re looking to build strength/muscle, improve your conditioning, or drop some body fat—this is the workout for you!

For reference, I am using a 18lb kettlebell from kettlebell kings 💗

https://kettlebellkings.com?afmc=hb (affiliate link)

Give this workout a try, drop a comment, and let me know how you did 🔥

Workout Details
▸ Muscles Worked: lower body, upper body, and abs/core ( Full Body)
▸ Time: 20 Mins + warm up & cool down
▸ Equipment: single kettlebell

♡ Myprotein Supplements I use: https://tidd.ly/3zXbXwC

♡ Summer Shred workout challenge https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPYEagU956f8glNdsGW-L_0F8kztGD9Rg

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