Tone your body and dance away calories with Amanda Kloots, creator of The Dance.
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    22 replies to "30-Minute Feel Good Dance Cardio Workout To Burn Calories"

    • Bettina Lounkokobi

      Love this video. The middle girl is so full of positive energy. I love her…

    • Stephanie x

      I have a dancer-background but these moves were too many too fast. Didnt enjoy the feeling of being left behind.😟 would not do this work out again.

    • M

      It was difficult for me but I enjoyed!

    • chi wing natalie Shum


    • Meron Asfaw

      Me in bed: this doesn’t look to bad
      Me after I do two minutes of it 🤮😵

    • Anna Nicolussi

      Anyone else like me just playing the video at half the normal speed because can't keep up with this insane rhythm? I want to know my moves really well before going full speed!

    • Dave Spotts

      Popsugar, you've been in the game long enough to know that a video instructor gives "mirror" cues. That is the instructor cues right leg, but she's technically using the left leg. I've been avoiding Pop for a long time, and I finally relent only to be disappointed!

    • Anna Makharadze

      This is absolutely amazing !!

    • Nylo Bird

      A lot people commenting its too fast, but it can be great that it moves relatively quickly… since it's a video, you can pause and workshop the moves while you're learning and when you revist the workout, you can have a powerful 30min workout without sitting through the instructions. The right/left issue is a bit of a pain, but if you have the access/ability, I just put my computer facing a full length mirror so I don't have to mentally reverse it, and we're still on the same side.

    • Ai Jinsei

      Ok, honestly I appreciate the free workout but there are a few problems here. 1. MIRROR the video. Please. 2. You're going way too fast. I'm not stupid or unsporty I just don't know your sets yet. 3. Tell us what you will do before you do it. The counting isn't as important. "Fore, kick, back, right" 4. Count right please! It's not 1, 1, 2, 1. It's 1, 2, 3, 4. 5. We need more breaks. There's no way we can stay hydrated like this. A water break of a minute in the middle and maybe 2 more breaks that are 30 s. 6. The arms set is dangerous. Stop telling people to keep their arms up even though they hurt badly. You have to listen to your body, especially beginners. You can get torn muscle tissue if you do it anyway. 7. Some movements are a little old school. You should stretch your legs before you kick, you shouldn't rotate your head 360°. People can get injured if you don't prepare them properly. In modern sports lessons they go about these "dangerous" or fast/stretchy movements a little more careful. So thanks again but please consider improving these videos a bit. And stay safe everyone out there, make breaks when you need them, TAKE YOUR ARMS DOWN. It's ok, you're doing great.

    • jenniferever6052

      I enjoyed this but found it hard to follow at times. It'd be super useful if she could mirror for us!

    • Ash Arts

      I had such a hard time keeping up! I had to stop almost half way through I just got so frustrated…too bad too. This did look like fun. The instructions were just a bit confusing and went by too quickly, I got worn out just trying to figure out what was next!

    • Dora Nicotra

      I LOVEI IT!

    • Tracy Higgins

      Too fast, I couldn’t follow her well and I do workouts a lot. I m sorry to say that I couldn’t wait for it to finish! The moves felt quite dated and I just felt as though I was jumping around a lot. Compare this to workouts by Tanju Zumba. It’s good to try new things though and I appreciate her energy, she obviously has very strong arms 😂

    • Jennifer Gray

      I gave up about 9 minutes in. Very confusing and the direction is very vague. Normally an instructor mirrors a person and wouldn't say right leg when it would be our left. So hard to follow.

    • Ilaria Boero

      The part of the arms always kills me… 🙂

    • asmeluna

      im sweating like a pig but its ok

    • ila ila

      not giving people a chance to know when the moves are about to change and changing them that often – music is way too quiet to enjoy dancing to. Also think those warm up moves are way too fast to be safe considering people are trying to keep up with you.

    • Agam fun times

      Anyone else just watched them while sitting down and not do anything just me

    • MrEgo3man

      How to like this video every time I use it?)

    • Sulina Odwong

      This is my favourite dance cardio workout!! After trying this two/three times I managed to get a hold of the routine, the instructor is full of positive energy and now during quarantine I've got plenty of time to do this workout several times a week. Loving all of POPSUGAR's workout videos, keep em coming!!

    • Denise Freeman

      Fab routine, will definitely be doing this one again, so I can learn all the moves. The arm exercise at the end is a killer. Thank you.

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