Swinging, squatting, pressing, we’re doing it all in this full body kettlebell workout! Get ready to do some classic and new creative exercises with your kettlebell right at home!


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Workout Breakdown:

Equipment Used:

1) Swings
2) Squat + Press
3) Alt Swings

4) Clean & Press (L)
5) Chair Pose Single Arm Row (L)
6) Clean & Press (R)

7) Chair Pose Single Arm Row (R)
8) Burpee to Squat Hold + Press Out
9) Outside to Inside Swings

10) Clean + Back Lunge + Front Kick (L)
11) Clean + Back Lunge + Front Kick (R)
12) Squat + Knee Up & Twist (alt)

13) Full Swings
14) Halo
15) Upright Rows

16) Single Leg Rows (L)
17) Single Leg Rows (R)
18) Curls

19) Toe Touches
20) Hands on KB Plank Knees In
21) Russian Twists


Inner Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300021
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

    21 replies to "30 Minute Kettlebell Interval Workout | Full Body Kettlebell Home Workout"

    • Anna Torres

      I enjoy your positivity. . Please more kettlebells!

    • fluffsnuff

      I’ve been working out for years and this showed me some totally new workouts using kettle bells! I feel so energized from your workouts they are so positive and also I am dripping sweat. I love sharing your workouts because I know anyone who does them will have a better day after

    • Joy

      Your workouts are always great! Thanks for being here and always making me laugh at your silliness, love it RAWWWWR

    • M Fu

      HI Kat! Your story & workouts (of course!) have helped me to stay motivated. I have chronic spasms and pain on my right shoulder & neck caused by an injury. There are days that I slack off thinking that I'll be fine but end up paying for it big time days later. When I'm rushing, even 15 minutes your workout before heading to work has helped me tremendously Thanks for reminding me that I'm really the only person responsible of my own body and well-being.

    • Olivia Szeplaki

      Loved it 😘

    • Bim M

      I really love your routines kat!
      You're so real with your workouts!
      Cheers! 😃😃

    • Angela Boulton

      OMG! A killer workout Kat – the Russian twist at the end got me lol anyway glad ur back, Mondays are just not the same without u 👍❤️💪 xx

    • Alena Marie Uliasz

      Loved the clean, lunge, kick combo. Thank you! I am super tired today and wanted to quit but pushed through and am grateful I did.

    • Sarah Stevenson

      Luv luv ur kB workouts lets do more🤪🤪thanx U!!

    • ouerdiane larissa

      great job!thank you!

    • Becky Lynn

      This was tough. I thought this was an old video because you looked so young 🙂

    • thereaderbug

      Hey Kat! I missed seeing videos from you! I don't know why but I was on the struggle bus this morning with working out and wanted to bail a few times but I kept going and am happy I pushed through. Thanks for the workout! And I loved hearing the rustling leaves!! Happy fall!

    • Lenula

      So happy to see my girl back 🙂 This was a killer workout, thank you!!!

    • Rachel Spencer

      I LOVE the nature noises!!!! And I LOVE your spirit and workouts!!!! Always 🙂 Rwarrrrw!!

    • amal Alalawi

      Thankyou 💕👍

    • #samoawarrior God560

      What who just posted kat😍😍 the super woman of 2018 keep posting I LOVE you you have helped me find the courage to be myself thank you

    • Lisa Goodney

      Hey Kat! Glad you’re back! It’s one less decision I have to make when you put out a new workout, cause no matter what it is, I do it! I’ve always loved kettlebell workouts, and this was no exception. I really liked the in and out swing, although my outer thigh is a little worse for wear after some unintended contact between said thigh and bell! Thanks for another happy and cheerful workout!💖✌️💪

    • Jennifer Adams

      Happy to see you. Great kettlebell workout kat!!! BTW, I ate beefaroni as a kid/teenager too. With pb sammies. See you tomorrow.

    • T BLK

      Kat you look good. You’ve obviously been taking care of yourself!

    • T BLK

      Kat! I missed you! Just got a emom in with you today! Hope you’re well! Why doesn’t your page auto fill when I type your name in? I have to type the entire name b/ f you show up?!.

    • alex Zero

      thanks… how often i do in a week ?

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