Get ready to burn major calories with Eliza Shirazi, creator and founder of Kick It by Eliza. This high-intensity workout combines dance, fitness, and (of course) kickboxing. No equipment is needed, and all levels are welcome. You ready to kick it?

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    13 replies to "30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio Kickboxing Workout"

    • Maria Angelone

      That could be my favorite PopSugar workout ever. Perfectly intermediate and absolutely fun. Thank you, Eliza!

    • Happy Together

      This is not kickboxing

    • Gavin Lewis

      Bosses! This had me wheezing

    • Margrietha Fröling - Wielemout

      I had to pause to get my inhaler. But I finished it

    • Mooh H

      As a kickboxing instructor…. I struggle to see any real kickboxing 😂 a good workout but potentially misleading for anyone who think they’re doing martial arts 🙈

    • B. D.

      Ich liebe das Workout. Aber hat jemand von euch auch von dem Training Knieschmerzen bekommen? Je öfter ich das Workout gemacht habe, um so schlimmer würde es. Hatte vorher keine Knieprobleme.

    • Candie XoXo

      What are some good diets i can do or go on to lose weight while doing this program?

    • healthiermeeh

      I got off a 12 hrs shift last night, was extremely tired and hot (it was a very hot day). I had to battle my mind, push my body and watch this video to motivate me and finally did it two hours later😂 I wanted to fall asleep in my sweat after I finished. Good workout🤩But I felt great in the morning. Glad to have got it done💪

    • brooke white

      i litterally pulled a musle and fell on the ground becof this workout

    • Colin Sullivan

      Bruh fuck this shit

    • Donna Hennessy

      Day 1 – kept taking multiple breaks and did it throughout the day
      Day 2- I managed to do the full workout to do and it felt great thanks I’m going to do this for a month I’ll remind you each day

    • ataladin 87

      Almost felt sick

    • Donna Hennessy

      I’m almost a 1/3 into this workout and I had to take a break this is amazing so far and I can feel the burn 🥰

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