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Hello everyone welcome to my video,
This kettle bell workout will challenge your fitness in new ways
for beginner i would say do this with lower weight and one round but for advanced do higher weight and both rounds. higher the weight the more it will hurt.
I recommend 2 rounds if you’re intermediate or advanced and you can go through this routine just once if you’re
starting out to see how you feel.
As long as you push yourself to your limits, this routine can work for anyone with a base of stamina
strength. If you’re just starting your journey I recommend starting out with doing one round of this workout if your just starting out.
and working up to the more challenging routines like this one.
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workout is
2 rounds
1 min each exercise
no rest
use any weight of kettlebell
kettlebell swings
front squats
around the body switch directions each round
bent rows switch arms each round________________________________________
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I strongly recommend that you consult your physician before starting any exercise or workout
program.Please never start a new exercise routine without being cleared to do so.
You should be in a good physical and mental condition to
participate in the exercises.
You should be aware before participating in any exercise.
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