Beginner & Senior Kettlebell (or dumbbell) Workout || 30 Minute Strength Training

Full body all standing weight training exercises with a kettlebell or 1 dumbbell.
Thanks for joining me for this total body strength building workout that is perfect for all fitness levels. All exercises are performed in a standing position and can be done with a kettlebell or with one dumbbell and you will get the same muscle building benefits!
This workout also includes both a dynamic warm up and well as cool down stretches.
All the exercises are are done for 10 repetitions. This workout is at an achievable pace so make sure you keep good form! Always keep your core engaged and your spine straight.
My kettlebell is 10 pounds, but any any size/weight is great as long as it is within your fitness level.

Thanks for working out with me. Please give this video a 👍🏻 and leave a comment! I love to hear how my viewers are doing. So many of you tell me how you are getting stronger, losing weight and most importantly, feeling better!

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29 gedachten over “Beginner & Senior Kettlebell (or dumbbell) Workout || 30 Minute Strength Training

  1. This video helped me finally find my sweet spot with fitness! I've been doing it for a month and have worked my way up to 2 sets of 10 with a 2kg dumbell. I started with no weights at all, just doing the exercises to learn the motions, and back then it was still a challenge. Today some exercises felt too easy, so I ordered a 4kg kettlebell! Everything in life is getting easier. Standing up is a breeze. I don't feel like I've run a marathon after I've put away groceries, and my arms don't get tired carrying trash to the dumpster. I actually look forward to my daily workout and don't feel like I can start my day without it. At age 46, I finally have a fitness routine! Thank you for helping me figure out what works for me! I'm feeling powerful and empowered! 💪

  2. Thank you so much for this great and awesome routines! Question, are the weekly playlists supposed to be exercised in the order they presented? or what are your suggestions? Many thanks! blessings!

  3. I've recently heard that increasing the load time on the muscles is beneficial, so I did this "slo-mo" and WOW! Super intense! Thanks for all you do! <3

  4. Yay! I was using my three-pound dumbells, and today I managed to use them together. That's six pounds!! Thanks, Lauren!! You're the best!

  5. Haven't done kettlebell workouts in quite a few years.. I really liked how easy you made it. I am 66 and on a new way of eating program and I know this workout is going to help a lot. Hope you have some other kettlebell sessions.. looking forward to getting in shape!

  6. This one whipped my …. A 7 lb kettlebell was more than enough for me tonight. BTW, Love those shoes! What are they?

  7. Thank you for this solid kettle bell workout. Loved the double single double. Really felt the burn this way🙀 Wishing you a lovely day💖

  8. Awesome thank you! Used a 4 in think maybe a 5 next time! Always love your workouts as they are always so different! 🙏🙏🙏🤗🤗🤗🙌🙌🙌

  9. Amazing! This was new for me. I have never used my kettle ball in a workout class . This was fun and felt so good. I just love your variety of moves. 🙏

  10. I did this workout yesterday and I used 20, , 15 and 10 LB kettlebells…the ten was for the individual tricep work! This was a good one!!!

  11. Really enjoyed this, so glad I found your channel 😀

  12. Hi Lauren – Noela here – fantastic workout, thanks so much – really well worked and stretched. Looking forward to working out with you again soon!

  13. Really enjoyed this one. My knees can no longer handle curtsy lunges, so I did an extra set of goblet squats and side to side lunges instead.
    Thank you for all you do.

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