Fall Fashion Trends To Avoid | 2018 Fashion

Fashion trends come and go and while it’s super exciting to see what new season trends are on offer there are a few I believe you shouldn’t waste your money buying. Of course, this is just my opinion but if you are wanting to build a sustainable wardrobe that will last more than one season I think you should avoid these Fall trends all together.

If you love one of the trends I’ve mentioned in this video then of course that’s totally up to you but I wanted to focus on trends that I believe are tricky to make work on a regular basis.

In New Zealand we’re actually heading into Spring but because a lot of my subscribers are from the northern hemisphere I decided to focus this video on fall fashions to avoid. Let me know if you’d like me to create a similar video featuring spring fashions for us girls living down under.

Are there any Fall 2018 fashion trends that you’ll be avoiding? I’d love to hear what they are and why you’ll be giving them a miss in the comments below.

Thanks for watching.



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    16 replies to "Fall Fashion Trends To Avoid | 2018 Fashion"

    • Sarah Leach

      Big tennis shoes tenny runners yuck

    • Acherontia Atropos

      I'm sorry, but your intromusic is so annoying…

    • Andrea Andrea

      Yes, yes and yes! Couldn't agree with you more.

    • Nicole Sonobe

      not jumping on the sleeve trend, the tiny bag trend, the foil trend, the quilt trend, or the patchwork trend!!! thanks for pointing them out! trying to 'shop-my-closet this fall…with only one planned purchase…the reliable black turtleneck(to replace my worn-out one). However i plan to do lots of window shopping and pinteresting for ideas!!! hope NZ is getting warmer,as we hit the snuggle season!!

    • Ida B

      Are we talking about fall 2018?! Cause as far as I know none of these are actually this year trends. We might see them here and there but let’s be honest they are not 18/19 F-W trends.

    • Maria Vela

      I love the animal print and the patchwork print. The patchwork print reminds me of the 70's style.

    • Gigi McGuane

      Finally. Someone with common sense.

    • Carolyn Lilly

      Also, I thought designers wanted to make money not jokes.

    • Carolyn Lilly

      Dolly Parton is laughing her head off at the patchwork “fashion”.

    • Viola Bonkers

      Just say ugly…and stupid outfits…

    • Carolyn Lilly

      Those sleeves look ridiculous.

    • Chrisoula Lakkas

      Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.

    • ingrid

      I think huge or teenie bags are ridiculous! Long sleeves also so stupid!

    • gargi mishra

      love your videos! I am staying away from Neon and overly padded shoulders

    • CanadianKelsey

      Love this! Keep it Up!

    • junipa

      A similar video regarding spring fashions would be very welcome.

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