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    13 replies to "Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout – High Intensity Interval Training with Warm Up & Cool Down"

    • nurdiana safitri

      That's smile in the last video. Thank you gurl!!!! ❤

    • Joyce Jules

      How many calories can we burn doing this workout please??

    • Nyoman Erni

      Killing me softly with this HIIT…yeah bring that fire to my fat body…mmm yummy, thanks for the workouts, and I did it…

    • Queenie ZL

      The best part that i love the most is the last stretching part itz really amazing feeling, you feel your body us resting and like you didi something good,a feeling of accomplishment 😀

    • Hoori K

      Thanks a million for your wonderful video 👍🙏🌸

    • Itunuoluwa Adebo

      Man! I didddddd ittttttt

    • Hyuckappreciator _

      Hi I found this to be easy enough. Can you suggest me a slightly more advanced version?

    • Isheeta Chatterjee

      Can anyone help me with a query___ can I change a HIIT routine everytime I do it in the week or no, I should stay with one for a minimum 3-4 weeks to see actual benefits? Asking since most of the HIIT routines are structured somewhat the same with almost similar exercises if not the same.

    • HIM Solar Gate

      Kelly I am a guy and you put me through hell with this, but I love you thanks. I do cardio twice a week. Plus I always let the commercials play so I can get myself mentally prepared for you guys.

    • Jimbo Ward

      Excellent–well done—Another incredible work out by the FitnessBlender folks!

    • Patrick Loren

      Is it just me or it is sweat so hard after i done it

    • Bernice Thiga

      nearly saw Jesus during this workout, but Im so proud that I was able to complete this whole workout !!

    • Emperor

      Thanks for the workout! 😀

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