FB Thursday Throwdown:
It’s the 15 KettleBell Challenge
On the 15th of this month! Remember, the key to kettlebell training is to focus on controlling the momentum throughout each movement.

15 exercises. 15 reps each.
Complete 2 total rounds:
(Watch the video for a demo of each exercise):

1. Kettlebell swing
2. High Pulls
3. Military Press
4. 360 Swings (15 each direction)
5. Sling Shot (15 each side)
6. Plank Row (15 each side)
7. Lunge Press (15 each side)
8. Chest Fly
9. Tricep Pullover/Crunch Press
10. Lunge Rotations (15 each side)
11. Bicep Curl (15 each side)
12. Turkish Get Up (15 each side)
13. Stand Knee Crunch (15 each side)
14. Squat/Single Leg Deadlift
Combination (15 each side)
15. Burpees

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