Good morning!! Kettle bell workout today! I made this video months ago, but it is GREAT, so excuse the easter and summer comments 🙂 Now, if you do not have a kettle bell, no worries!! You can just use a weight! ( I would suggest purchasing a kettle bell at Ross or sports authority as they are GREAT!)
Starting with a simple warm up we will get ready to work those SHOULDERS AND UPPER BODY!! YESS!!!
Cardio will be high knees. I ask that you grab a chair or stool for this one. The higher the step, the harder the cardio will be:)
This will burn mucho calories and kick up that cardio for weightloss!
Staring the exercises with kettle bell (10lb) squats for quads and glutes. You will be hurting and burning.
We will be adding some lunge backs with a kick. I LOVE this exercise as it gets your butt good but also burns calories and kills fat!
Kettle bell (or weights) upright rows with quats to work those shoulders and Glutes.
We will be grabbing our lighter weights to work the cap of the shoulders to make the waist look smaller. YES.
More work for shoulders and more cardio,
We now will go to the floor for ABS
Good old Planks with alt shoulder tap then push up with down dog.
End with some plank jumping jacks for more cardio and to keep the sweat and heartrate up!
plank butt squeezes. Killers for the glutes and abs.
This is a great ab workout!
Ending with some toe tap abs.
Hope you love this!!

HIIT workouts are the BEST!
Change you body!

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    7 replies to "FITNESS OVER 40—25 minute GIRLS RULE kettle bell at home workout for upper body!"

    • pervolarsunata

      Do you do these videos once a week and your makeup ones or just in general one a week. And which day? Always on Sat right? Just checking our your workout videos now…I need something once a week on my schedule and I think you might be it. HIIT is the best lol

    • hampson0627

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    • cristopher reyes rivera

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    • anti aging

      great body dear thanks for advice

    • Kim Thompson

      just found your channel have watched your makeup videos and love them I will be 40 in January 😟 had another baby and am fat as ever and have wrinkles around my eyes so have given up I wish i had the knowledge and willpower to do something! Idk where to even start and y care now Im old and obese!!!! ahhhhhh! u r such a nice and lovely person thanks for the videos

    • Green Life In Dublin

      I just discovered your channel and I have to say I am in awe of how you look, I can't believe you are over 40!! You look awesome and not a day over 24 🙂 Whatever you are having, I want some. Subscribing now and now I m off to look for kettle bell! May I request a video on your diet or your beauty secrets? Many thanks in advance <3

    • Annamarie Grec

      I wish I could do them but I can't I just had an ankle surgery but is nice to see you and inspire me once my consultant will allow me to get back to normal activities then back to gym and cardio
      I admire your determination well done 👍💄😘

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