Follow The Leader | Kettlebell Supersets Workout | Super Awesome Saturday

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Enjoy this follow along Kettlebell workout with Mike Barbato of Precision Kettlebells in Malvern PA.

Today’s full body kettlebell workout includes different kettlebell exercises that will target the entire body and help to improve strength and stability. Along with a mix of body weight exercises to really turn up the heat. Grab your kettlebell and follow along!

Weight I’m using = 24kg/53lb & 36kg/80lb Dragon Door Kettlebell.

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16 gedachten over “Follow The Leader | Kettlebell Supersets Workout | Super Awesome Saturday”

  1. Loved it. Challenging the whole way but didn't feel like my HR was maxed at the end of sets. More please

  2. This was my favorite one yet. Excellent as always and you strike an awesome balance of cardio and strength building. I appreciate your hard work and access to these workouts Mike.

  3. Great stuff, went through with my 24kg which is my heaviest bell

  4. Loved it. Caught me off guard with the change and really enjoyed it. One thing I love doing these workouts right when I get up before I eat. I swear eating breakfast after any of your workouts makes breakfast taste even better. Like I earned it or something. Thanks again for posting these workouts!

  5. Looks great. Will try this tomorrow as I’ve already worked out this morning.

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