asus a43sa 노트북 분해과정입니다.
분해과정이 a43,k43,n43시리즈는 동일하며
15인치 라인업 a53,k53,n53시리즈와 비슷합니다.
상판 분리를 위한 키보드분리, ODD분리 과정입니다.
이 동영상의 저작권은 본인에게 있으며 개인적, 상업적으로 무단 사용시
법적 책임을 묻겠습니다.
how to disassemble ASUS a43sa?
Don’t use this movies for any purpose(personal, commercial).
If you use this movies for personal or commercial purpose,
You can’t evade your legal responsibility.

    9 replies to "How to disassemble ASUS A43SA-1"

    • James Ramirez

      thx bro ! .This vid save my life

    • jimleow

      thanks for the video, and bad to asus for not providing step by step maintenance manual like dell does.

    • Muzaffar Karim

      i'm struggle at the first part…to open the keyboard…i afraid it will to open it smoothly and safe T.T

    • Basz Boochakiat

      i need subtitle 

    • Sunardi S

      Thanks bro..
      Kamsammita.. 🙂

    • Kenet Sumal

      Hi, Do you know what type is the keyboard replacement model?

    • Isna Rahmatul Khoir

      thankyou very much,this video helps me a lot 🙂

    • Deniarr Putra

      really really thanks.

    • sandy bridge

      thx for uploading

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