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Kettlebell swings are an important part of many a gym day or at home workout! Today, trainer Roxie Jones, is teaching us how to swing a kettlebell the right way to tone muscles and prevent injury. Watch to learn what to do and what not to do when it comes to swinging a kettlebell! #kettlebellswing #therightway #wellandgood

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18 gedachten over “How To Do A Kettlebell Swing | The Right Way | Well+Good

  1. Awesome tutorial I love seeing right and wrong ways it helps correct mistakes so so much easier.

  2. I just did this yesterday the right way and I felt my thighs burn as I was doing it. Fast forward to the next day (today), my inner thighs hurt bad but I’m planning to do this everyday and I LOVE THIS!

  3. Thanks for this video, Do I keep my arms straight please?

  4. First thing I see wrong is that you are wearing shoes😂

  5. You're bending your knees and start to swing into in the beginning. 2 things you say not to do. Really bad trainer.

  6. You need to learn how to do this yourself before you try and make a video. The very first thing you said to do – was wrong, you do NOT start a KB swing with the KB under your feet, you start with it in front of you so you can hike it under and build momentum straight away. I didn't even watch the rest of the video. Anyone who wants to ACTUALLY know how to do these correctly, just search for Dan John, Pavel or Lebe Stark!

  7. Thank you, I realise I was doing this pretty wrong before!

  8. You could’ve had it up closer to your body though the further you get away the worse it is on your lower back

  9. Those are hard in the knees, no good for elder people 🙁

  10. Welp know I know I did it right which explains why my thighs died on me.

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