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    24 replies to "How to grill STEAK on the Kettle Joe"

    • Aaron Gaspie

      I noticed the Fort Worth Dickies hat on your partner.. Do you live in Texas?

    • Hugo ten Dam

      What type of asparagus are those? I have never seen those before

    • Darran Marshall

      That dog eats better than me

    • Sergei De Coene

      Geen bot geven aan je hond die verhit is geweest, dat kan versplinteren als hij er op bijt met alle gevolgen van dien

    • Mark Sumby

      Where oh Where did you get that Schindler Carving Knife? Drool.

    • John Dennis

      One slice of that steak is the same price as a 16lbs bag of dogfood.

    • Metro Gnome

      Please, please, please don’t give your loved dog fire hardened bones, please just raw bones!
      Ask your vet, for confirmation.

    • Aleks

      "flakey salt" waar krijg je dat in nederland? :O

    • Shane Zettelmier

      What do you want Morrison on the camera. But what we really want is him to get a dog costume beg for his piece of steak. Lol

      Wow, I’ve never seen asparagus like that. We have a couple different sizes and it’s rare but we can get white asparagus but it’s all pretty much the same here that looks completely different. I want some

    • Shane Zettelmier

      I don’t understand what the difference between the kettle grill and the regular Komodo Joe is it looks kind of like the same thing just without the ceramic insulation. Is it just more affordable without the insulation is there really something different about it, it’s kind of confusing.

    • Shane Zettelmier

      Lol. You’ve been just below 500,000 subscribers for a long time. You’re gonna have to get some bikini girls or something on here change it up. 😂😂😂

    • Alexander

      Gebruik je ook wel eens steenkool?

    • Bartek Rejent

      What is this machete that you are using for steak cutting?

    • S D

      I do not understand that dubious fashion to chop a steak in tiny slices ,let it cool and eat then… Are the people not able to eat with Knife and fork anymore?

    • kk kk

      But lemonpepper in grilled tomatoes

    • Jonathan Seagull

      My dog got pancreatitis from eating beef fat and died, poor girl. People should be aware not to feed their dogs just fat.

    • Jan

      It looks like they replaced Denise with Morison and Morison with the dog…
      All jokes aside. Love your videos Roel. I am enjoying them for many years now. Btw I would love to see how long it actually takes to cook those dishes, so like an time table what we need to take under consideration. Like pulled pork 8/10 hours for 2,5/3 kilo's or t-bone steak estimated cooking time meat, reverse sear at 125/130 degrees Celsius.
      Then I know when to start the BBQ up if i want to eat in time instead of 23:30 at night.
      Just my 2 cents, hope you can integrate this in your recipes in the video's.

    • bossie0009

      Roel klein vraagje
      Welke Kamado Joe is je favoriete
      De kettle Joe
      De classic Joe
      De Big Joe
      Of de Joe junior?

    • Sjors

      I like the way you listened to the comments and now take some time to talk about the steps you take, for example scrubbing of the tomato of the grate to make it non-stick.

    • José de Jesús Delgadillo Ramírez

      Don't worry Pitmaster X we feel it too. It's awesome to see new things on our grills.

    • KONGNO2000

      ===== thank you very much for uploading this video =====

      \\\ thumbs up 2.3K \\\\

      im sharing this video to my community

    • Karpis Maksudian

      Boring!!!!!! just like I am watching infomercial on TV, that's why you don't need no F** sponsors etc, just do your thing that's it!!!!!!

    • Dennis Meyers

      I'm clicking on the link.

    • Patrick Otto

      Awesome Video 😍
      Loved the Steak and your passion!
      But please keep the other Dude Out. He's Just awkward and weird.
      Love 💯☀️🔥

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