How To Increase Your Self-Confidence – The "Yes And…" Rule

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If you’re looking for ways to increase your self confidence, then be sure to watch this video! I’ll teach you unique, UNCONVENTIONAL ways to boost your self worth that you’re sure to love!

Voiced by: Rich
Written by: Rich
Animated by: @NimenosArt

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16 gedachten over “How To Increase Your Self-Confidence – The "Yes And…" Rule”

  1. thanks bro i got a BIG CHIRSTMAS party tonight and i needed some help for talking to new people and this video helped me a lot thanks

  2. Anytime I’ve compared myself to others, I’ve felt less than. Until I realized that the only person I should compare myself to, is the person I was yesterday. No matter what you compare, you will always find someone richer, better looking than you, has a nicer car, has a better (fill in the blanks). And it's totally pointless. When I began focusing on the idea of going to bed better than I woke up, basically making sure that throughout day I do things that make a better version than the one who woke up that morning, then life really began to change for me. Focus on you and your own progress. Run your own marathon!

  3. Very informative, and i love the way you explain through animation. It's really helpful

  4. Ok now take everything you said in this video and trow it in the trash I'll never do that

  5. Why are white guys significantly smaller than black guys ? Also the pink skin 😂

  6. Confidence isn’t “I know they’ll like me”, it’s “I’m okay if they don’t”.

  7. Hi there, is there a Discord link for improvement pill? I tried the one in the about us page, but it brought me to patron

  8. Well that's like poetry:

    Yes And Rule
    Embrace The Fool

    Endless Conversation

    These Are All Your Tools

  9. The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life, is the moment you can change anything in your life ~ Hal Elrod

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