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Functional Kettlebell Workout.
It’s a high energy fitness workout, where you train your muscles with a Kettlebell! This 12 week routine will give you progress with Kettlebell exercises. With energizing bass pumpin’ tunes to lead you through the workout – challenging your limits, while burning up to +400 calories.

Duration: 12 weeks
Time per workout: 40 min
Time per week: 3 Workouts = 3 x 40 min
Equiptment: Kettlebell
Music: Bass pumpin’ music

1 – Warmup & technique (10 min)
2 – Workout 1 – Fullbody (8 min)
3 – Workout 2 – Upper body, Arm, Back & Shoulders (9 min)
4 – Workout 3 – Cardio (4 min)
5 – Workout 4 – Core (4 min)
6 – Cool Down (4 min)

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