An Argentinian style Gaucho Grill is perfect for anyone who loves to play with fire! The Nuke Delta 2 brings you back to the tradition of making an event out of the cooking process. Take a close look at the Nuke Delta Argentinian grill in this video review.

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The Nuke Argentinian-style gaucho grill elevates your grilling experience to a new level. Inspired by the centuries-long tradition of Gauchos grilling on the South American prairies, South American artisans handcraft this grill giving the unique design and features. The Delta by Nuke will create a new grilling experience right in your backyard.

The Delta 2 has 547 square inches of main cooking area and lined with refractory bricks for even heat performance. Adjust the grill grate with the handle and lock system to sear or slow cook when you need. Use the separate firebox to start or refuel your fire without affecting your cooking area. Distribute coals along the base when and where you need them, to give ultimate heat control of your grill. Close the attached lid on those windy days or when you want to create an oven or smoker effect. Use the front fold-down door for storing accessories or a warming shelf while you grill.

Saute vegetables or other delicate foods with the included grill pan. Add it to the top of the firebox for an extra 188 square inches of cooking space. Add your own outdoor skillet or wok for endless cooking possibilities. The steel cart has a wood base that is perfect for storing charcoal or other grill accessories. This cart has two swivel casters that roll on any patio surface and lock in place when you are ready to grill. This grill comes with a full-length vinyl cover, 30-inch fire poker, 30-inch shovel, and 19 5/8 by 9 5/8-inch grill pan.

Featuring: Randy Watson
Filmed/Produced by Paris Frederick

    24 replies to "Ñuke Delta Argentinian Style Wood Fire Gaucho Grill Overview | BBQGuys"

    • Rob G.

      Could you use coal as well. Or does it void the warranty?

    • Edward Gilleland

      Americans (or anyone for that matter) should be going apeshit over this. Great cooking advice for Argentine style grilling. I own a Ñuke Arrayan and love it.

    • T Lee

      this was really well put together

    • Pablo Buffagni

      Son unos chorros, 1400 dólares?

    • IZZY Eatz

      BBQ Jesus!!!!!! On another video

    • Aaron Edwards

      Where isthe triangle style grill grate?

    • MrMilanina

      Some kind of 3 side wind shield attachment would be useful add on too.

    • MrMilanina

      What wood did you use?

    • Astro Mars

      Only $1299….Must be selling like hot cakes to internet millionaires….

    • al mighty

      Amazing grill. Really

    • family memories

      That steak looks good!

    • Reggie Camargo

      Take my money!

    • Mark Henderson

      Let's see How in da Hell I'm going to hide the price of this thing from my wife?!?!? I'm just gonna have to get yell at Loudly!! Nuke here I come!!!

    • Horacio Pagani

      Asado, It is the only religion that we Argentines have. congratulations on the video your meat looks delicious !!! and that grill that is undoubtedly the most practical, innovative and beautiful!

    • RB Hankes

      There is no such thing as “excess fat”

    • Quantum Aquatic

      Well shit I was thinking of manufacturing this myself but beat me to it

    • Mr Gibson

      I thought I was going to get a Blaze Komado, but I was wrong.

    • Issac F

      Where’s it made? China? Forget about it

    • Siniestro

      That's the most accurate Argentinian "parrilla" design I ever seen, that's the way we make asados here in Cordoba. that and a nice cold birra in the hand.

    • Vince C

      Well you've just earned one more subscriber…..

    • jk1320m

      Have to say. I was really excited about this grill until I saw a few reviews. For the price ($1200) I’m not sure it matches the quality. I have other thousand plus dollar grills and they definitely didn’t have quality issues.

    • Gideon Van Loggerenberg

      thats great.gonna build one myself.

    • Hassan Suboh

      This looks like a grill from a park lol

    • Savi You

      It's only $1299…what a deal o_O

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