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I’m sure you’d like to know a bit about me, and how I got into Online Coaching. But before I delve into my story I want to tell you a bit about why I’ve created this Youtube channel and what it means to me to be able to help you.

I believe when you learn something that has positively affected your life you should share that information to help others. I’ve learned a lot about health and fitness from my own experiences and my clients. I want to share that with as many people as possible.

I want to help you achieve your goals and I’m passionate about seeing people transform their lives.

I want to guide you in becoming the best version of yourself and help you unlock your true potential.

I remember the first day I walked into my local gym. My goal was to get ripped, strong and build muscle as fast as possible, but I didn’t know where to start.

My confidence wasn’t very high and I didn’t have a clue what I was meant to do.

Too scared to ask anyone for help I jumped straight in and quickly found myself lost. I was doing every exercise in the gym, jumping on all of the machines thinking I was working out. I had no direction or guidance, this resulted in frustration and a lack of results.

Fast forward a few years and with some education, help from experienced trainers and a strong desire to be better, I soon started to see some progress.

I built some muscle and learned a lot in the process, but I still wasn’t happy with how I looked.

I ended up putting too much-unwanted weight on and I wasn’t looking like the ripped, muscly person I wanted to look like.

I lacked a very important part of getting in shape and that was my understanding of nutrition.

I decided to set the bar high and enter a natural bodybuilding competition. I had a lot to do, but I knew that if I could get into that ripped shape, I would learn a lot about myself and my body. With this experience and knowledge, I could help others achieve those results too.

Getting down to 4-5% body fat isn’t easy, It takes consistency, patience, discipline and most importantly, belief.

With my goal set, I did everything I could to be the best I could be. I hired a coach to hold me accountable, I worked hard and never gave up.

I’m now a 2 x British bodybuilding champion. I help people transform their lives, breaking down the barriers that hold them back from achieving their dream physiques. I want to help you transform your life too.