Everyone tries to keep their home clean and hygienic, especially in places where our body is most vulnerable to bacteria. Cleansers and disinfectants aren’t always worthwhile, so it’s useful to know which alternatives can help to achieve the best results.
We at Bright Side learned a simple but effective way to help make the bathroom in your house cleaner and safer.

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What you need 0:38
What vinegar does 0:53
Way 1. Use with soda 1:20
Way 2. Use without soda 2:02
How to make your hair silky 2:38
Ho to prevent acne 2:55
How to neutralize cigarette smoke odors 3:17
How to make nail polish stay on longer 3:29
How to remove sweat stains 3:45

– White vinegar is one of those products that should be in every home. It’s useful in the kitchen, and it also has properties that make it excellent for cleaning tasks.
– Vinegar can dissolve limescale, kill all bacteria, mold, and germs, clean metal parts from rust, remove unpleasant odors;
– White vinegar not only can replace the expensive cleaning products but can be also used as part of your beauty routine.
– To neutralize smoke odors, pour vinegar into a bowl and put it in the place where you want to eliminate the bad smell.
– Sprinkle a generous amount of white vinegar onto the affected areas of the garment, and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water. Your favorite shirt will look like as good as new!

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    29 replies to "Put Vinegar Into a Toilet, and Watch What Happens"

    • What Bot

      The lowly trade thermodynamically frighten because truck topologically fail over a electric play. boorish, zonked workshop

    • CAR Jones

      I’ve never heard of 9% vinegar is there such a concoction to buy or are they saying to put in water for a 9%vingar 91% water solution?

    • Kathy Keller

      Like that idea with baking soda

    • Mike Pondo

      I use vinegar for brushing my teeth. I now have dentures.

    • Prafulla Ingole

      I run my car on vinegar.

    • Mark Silverman

      What was the point of telling us about using Baking soda with the vinegar if the very next thing we are told is it works even better with just the vinegar alone?

    • RomanceR • 19 years

      Vinegar also accelerates the deterioration of rubber seals and gaskets.

    • zurdo

      the smell of vinegar makes me nauseous. Forget it pal.

    • Gianni Giumpup

      So to save a buck, I'm going to microwave somehow the 7oz of vinegar to 104 degrees (not 103 or 105, mind you), then apply letting the solution stand overnight?

    • Dale Stadler

      Pour into toilet tank. As a picture of spraying into the toilet bowl is shown.

    • Bonzo

      This is not very useful video for me. I quit watching it after the toilet and reading some of the comments below. No explanation as to how to get seven and nine percent vinegar also.

    • Miriam Maldonado

      I used vinegar in a washer machine load.

    • Douw Möller

      What a delightful way to shorten the life of a shirt collar!

    • Suzy Phalin


    • Gazza Boo

      Only poor people use white vinegar, I use the finest Balsamic vinegar from Italy to give my toilet a Mediterranean flair.

    • arthur forteza

      Em just waiting for some more medical aspect of vinigar🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • tejanochris

      I got the vinegar and ended up making a salad. I easily get distracted.

    • krit5

      Just wasted 4:19 of my life.

    • Carla Goodwin

      Wow hippies do a lot of extra work


      Dear '5-Minute Crafts' this is how to do it..
      Correct information that actually works..

    • Nancy Freeman

      This will mess up the baceria in your septic if you have one, don t do itnif you have one.

    • Robin Johnson

      I a house or condo

    • Linda Sumner

      1:50 “pour the mixture into the toilet for several hours.” Lol

    • nilmani sinharay

      but if you put vinegar and baking soda together it will explode 😫

    • J Dale

      This is why I eat a salad b4 I head to the restroom, every time.

    • Jay, Kay & Baby Jay’s

      Replacing rancid smells with another rancid smell, vinegar…

    • Anna Brown


    • Jennifer Beazer

      I haven’t even watched the video, and just feel I’ve gotten plenty of information and entertainment just from reading the comments!!!😌😀😃😄😄

    • P83 1983

      Don’t put vinegar in your tank…don’t disturb your tank unless your need to replace your flapper or float valve. Don’t try to clean the rust on the bolts, unless you are prepared to fix a leak. My toilet tank has NEVER looked like anything like that in the video. I live in a hard water climate too. My tanks look great.

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