In this video we show you how to smoke a brisket using the snake or fuse method in a 22″ Weber grill. This is not a substitute for a true smoker but if you have a Weber it can be done.

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    19 replies to "Snake Method in a Weber Grill"

    • DemonZeu

      Shit prob came out raw af thats why he didnt show the final product lmao

    • mike v

      Lost me the split second I saw lighter fluid. Chimney starter with newspaper for charcoal ignition. Grilling 101.

    • Mr. Kojack1

      Lighter fluid! Nooooooooo!!!

    • Sand Man

      Well that was stupid

    • Roberto Pic

      Provate a seguire anche questa tecnica
      Stabilizzare la temperatura del BBQ col metodo dello Snake o minion

    • Darren Holcombe

      Don’t put your fucking brisket in foil man put it in butchers paper with some juice to keep moist and wrap it that way . Foil can cause your brisket to over cook and become very tuff. I’m in a traditional smoking method that is . Would have loved to see the outcome of the brisket and how tuff or tender it was due to the foil . As I said it’s never good to wrap in foil but with this method using a grill has me curious as to how well it turned out

    • Bruce Moyers

      Cooking with briquets? No credibility. Whole lump or NOTHING. Unless you enjoy your grilled food smelling of lighter fluid and additives.

    • Kevin Younkins

      That must have been disgusting.

    • Mark Staddon

      You should not use black coal ,it is carcinogen. Make your snake with coals you have already greyed.

    • Digital Bullet

      What is this video even about? – lol – Freakin YouTube brings you to the strangest places – For real

    • JeyJey

      I never understand why people soak wood. The flavor is in the smoke not the humidity. 🧐

    • MrFixxit

      Never never never start with lighter fluid great way to ruin a 100 dollar Brisket

    • Vincent Rodriguez

      Good video…but dude, those white feet! Lmao!! Wear some shoes!

    • travis clarkin

      I’m so hungry now

    • Bulldawg62

      Deleted with liter fueled

    • Ellen

      I thank you very much for this technique and for the very kind video. Have a blessed day.

    • rvlifeontheroad

      Finished up nice in the oven in the house..

    • marysiasia2

      Just one advice for u. Buy an oven…. Man love Play…

    • Pokey 54

      The snake method looks like a really good idea–to cook low and slow and not have to keep adding fuel. I'll definitely try it. I've cooked with the same Webber for years, and I believe with a Webber, you should neve close the top vents. You should control the temp by partially closing the bottom. The reason is, closing the top vents causes the smoke to swirl and cool around the meat and in the process, deposit soot on the meat. Just out of curiosity, once you foil wrap the meat, why continue cooking on the grill? You might as well move it to an 225 degree oven. The charcoal and wood is no longer imparting any flavor. Since you are only getting 4 hours of smoke, I would add more wood chips at the beginning to impart more smoke–especially if you are looking to get that nice smoke ring on the brisket. Maybe even go half and half on charcoal and wood for the first foot or so. If you are going to go to all this trouble to cook a smoked brisket–why not invest in a good rub–just salt and pepper?

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