STORYTIME – WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR TRIP? Plan With Me Makselife Vertical

Things did NOT go as planned for our vacation… today I’m giving you some of the info storytime style while I plan my week out!


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Colorful words may be used. don’t be alarmed.

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11 gedachten over “STORYTIME – WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR TRIP? Plan With Me Makselife Vertical”

  1. Hope things have gotten better for you & your family. Know what you mean & trying to push through here also. We've had several deaths & illness (including heart surgeries) in our family, along with fire & flood destruction in the last few months. Trying to make it a point to take time to just breath, walk, be mindful… Not always successful but keep trying.

  2. I'm so sorry about your trip, sending so much love and hugs in your/your family direction. <3

  3. Coping is sometimes just getting through the moment. Other times I can make a list to keep me going. Staring off into space is valid. Good vibes and prayers to you and yours.

  4. I was the 421st like which made me just a little sad to undo the 420 thumbs up 😆

  5. Dealing with health stuff for my mom, my emotional health has been a reck. Healthcare is a mess. Trying to balance seeing her, house and self care for me. I’m so exhausted mentally.

  6. Honestly, I cope pretty similarly. Lots of zoning out. Reading. Not the most healthy, but it also takes me a long time to process that kind of thing. So therapy as well. But my immediate is to shut down

  7. My husband is from bend and I lived there almost half my
    Life before we moved to Texas. In fact, we got married at my in laws ranch in Terrebone. Small world for sure! I know full well how plans go, or not go as sometimes plans do. We’ve driven from Oregon to Texas twice and it’s definitely a journey! Okay, I’m commenting at the super beginning of your video. Okay, number one rule using google maps is it’s a liar! It never is accurate.
    That’s really awesome how your kids opted to stay. You’ve been raising some great kids.

  8. I need you to know I’m screaming internally watching this. I was in Colorado Springs this week and I was going to see if you wanted to meet up at the botanic gardens Thursday… but by the time I remembered I figured it would be too late 😭😭😭

  9. I thought 3 days there and 3 days back was a lot, but it sounds like you both enjoy each other doing road trips – and SO sweet to spare Layla from airplane travel!!! There are some super terrific free-standing kennels (not affiliated with a vet office). And you could possibly find a good house/plant/pet sitter to deal with ALL of it!! In any case, so sorry about your BIL. Mental illness can be really terrifying. I think planning and talking about things are the best coping skills!

  10. Damn, Cindy! I'm so sorry and I will be adding your BIL and your grandmother to my thoughts and intentions.

    I think that when I have to deal with family crises, keeping in contact with friends who are close but not directly involved helps. Just getting a glimpse of relative normalcy and knowing I can talk to them without judgement or demanding solutions helps me. I hope you have better news from Oregon soon. 💗💗

    P.S. Sunny and RJ are fantastic kids.

  11. 1st – love this spread, and I really like the orderly way you lay yours out. I’m realizing that’s really who I am — I’ve tried these all-over spreads I so admire, but for me, my tasks need to be in the same spot, not all over the spread. So I subscribed!

    Now, I called 2020 the worst year ever (in my 60 yrs), and we all hoped it would end there, but it hasn’t. 2022 is kinda 2020 3.0. I know so many people for whom so many things are just wrong right now. Deaths of loved ones, illnesses, lay-offs. It’s like a negative charge in the world’s aura, lol. Anyway… all we can do is take it a day at a time, and kind of live the Serenity Prayer: recognize what is outside of your control and work on what is within your power to change. Easier said than done sometimes to be sure. Take care!

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