This is a Full Body Routine, a Mix of Conditioning, Functional training and core workout, for both men and women, for Advanced and Beginners and can be done at home, at the gym or outdoors. there are 3 different workouts all listed in the video and they are all Brutal! i have given lots of my top tips and alternatives also.

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    17 replies to "ULTIMATE FULL BODY KETTLEBELL WORKOUT (Beginners and Advanced)"

    • Obi Vincent

      Thanks for watching everyone and heres the Gymshark Link for the Black Friday sale Monday 7pmg GMT … Thank you sooooo much for your support and hope you get some sick training outfits 🙂 #BREAKTHEMOULD

    • Christina Reynolds

      I love you all guys 😘🌃🐇🏋️🍓🥐🌴👻🌈🌏❤️

    • Jason Cherry

      Aaaahhhhhhh, that’s a painful routine. I’m just learning to use the kettlebells so I’m doing them to the best of my ability and damn this is a punisher. I’m glad you through in the grip tutorial because I have a bad had it of crashing the bells into my wrists. I’m practicing the snatches and cleans with very light weights to just develop the technique so when I actually train I have better form and technique. This is an outstanding routine, great video.

    • perryrodriguez

      That’s shit was hard

    • Michel Rood

      What's the best weight to use when you are a beginner. I'm 67 but i'm still in good shape for my age. Thanks for the help. Very good and honest video.

    • Rocky P

      Here's a question, "How do I look like you?" Nutrition and exercise please

    • Rafael Nadal

      Gym closed so for me thats good option to train home

    • Zernie Reyes

      God damn ur sculpted like a god no homo

    • Jo Sepulveda

      Love this video

    • matwns

      I want to buy kettlebell for home workouts there are only two weights 14 and 18kgs which is better for medium advanced person?

    • Aleph Zavala

      Dude is massive

    • GigiLou

      This man is so FINE! My God!

    • theonewiththename

      Fit black men with a british accent are my weakness…

      Im straight and married

    • Jonathan Mayes

      what weight was he using?

    • Frankie Criscuolo

      What KG/Lbs are you mostly using in this video? Just bought two 40 pounders to do home lifts in the park. Btw great video. Super helpful

    • M Howard

      You should try Kettlebell Sport!

    • TheSweetScientist

      Would a 16kg kettlebell be too heavy for one-arm swings?

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